Q:  Why should families work with Independent College Consultants?

A:  The main reason to hire a consultant is individualized attention.  A consultant will take much of the stress out of the process and be an objective, third-party, helping a family through the process. 


Q:  What does Schuler Educational Consulting do to stay up to date on higher education?

A:  We attend two national conferences per year to hear key updates regarding all aspects of college admissions. Additionally, we visit between 20-30 new campuses annually to enhance our in depth understanding of all types of colleges.


Q:  When is the optimal time to begin with Schuler Educational Consulting?

A:  The best time to begin is during Junior year.


Q:  Do you take new students who are Seniors?

A:  Yes, we do, however, the workload is the same, just condensed into a much shorter timeframe.  


Q:  Do you work with students long distance?

A:  Yes, we work with both US and Internationally based students via Skype or FaceTime.


Q:  Could you list key areas you work on with students Junior and Senior year?

A:  Junior Year: In depth session to really get to know student, discuss academic and extracurricular progress and identify opportunities for growth, FAFSA overview and financial discussion with parents, YouScience aptitude assessment, build strong professional resume, put together standardized testing plan, create initial college list, explore potential scholarship opportunities, create college visit strategy, identify and approach teacher recommendation candidates.

     Summer: College essay brainstorming workshop, refine college list, plan to visit at least 2-3 campuses, work with students on initial essay.

     Senior Year: Application process overview, finalization of Common Application essay, discuss application strategies, apply to schools on final list, plan final visit to key colleges, work on and finish all supplemental essays, interview preparation, assess college offers, "How to succeed in college" workshop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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